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As our loved ones age, becoming their primary caregivers is a natural part of life. While this work represents a labor of love, it can also be quite demanding and tiring. Even more, remaining your older family member’s primary caregiver can make it harder for you to spend time with other family members, work on your career, or take vacations.

It becomes an essential task to find quality respite care in Arlington, TX, to give you a break when you need it most. While some families worry about leaving their loved ones in the care of others, giving older members of your family supervised independence also benefits them. Among other advantages, respite care makes an excellent option for any active family struggling with senior care.

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What is Respite Care?

Respite care services offer the chance to temporarily leave older family members at care centers with trained staff. Though you will find many forms, every type of respite care provides a short-term reprieve from the daily responsibilities of caring for older family, friends, or loved ones.

Many beneficial services within respite care can provide essential variety in a senior’s life. Beyond helping them to bathe, dress, and receive food services, targeted care like rehabilitation, community enrichment, medication management, support groups, and pain management give your loved one unparalleled care. Thus, you can also use respite care to supplement your regular caregiving duties.

Benefits of Respite Care

Respite care offers various benefits for a senior’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Some of these benefits include:

  • Around-the-clock, professional care
  • Social stimulation and community building
  • Food services
  • Medicine therapy management
  • Readily available medical services
  • A rejuvenating change of scenery

However, caregivers also receive benefits from this care. Respite care offers you the chance to take a necessary break from caregiving and find solace in knowing professionals will take expert care of your loved ones.

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Different Types of Respite Care

Respite care comes in many forms, offering unique benefits and services to older loved ones. Knowing your options provides the best way to plan ideal supplements for caregiving.

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Emergency Respite Care

We all know that emergencies come up in life. Whether the death of a family member, an accident with children, or a challenge in your business, there will be situations that demand your full attention. However, when this occurs, it’s crucial to have quality emergency respite care in Arlington, TX, to account for your loved ones.

Vacation Care

When your family decides to take a vacation, or you need a few carefree days off from work and responsibilities, respite care offers the perfect solution for senior members of your family. Scheduled in advance, you can plan and prepare yourself and your family members for an alternative care situation for the selected duration. Allow your vacations to indeed be an escape from your responsibility by utilizing trustworthy vacation respite care.

Adult Day Center

While many forms of respite care offer short-term overnight stays, you can also take advantage of a briefer option. Adult day center care allows your loved ones to spend the day supervised by caring professionals in assisted senior living. This supervision will enable you to focus on your needs and goals for the day without the pressure of caregiving.
An additional benefit of adult day center care lies in its social component. Many independent seniors suffer from loneliness and isolation. Bringing older family members to an adult day center allows them to partake in the community and experience rejuvenating social time.
Adult day center care offers unparalleled flexibility while ensuring that you still feel like the primary caregiver for your family member. With benefits for both the patient and you, this form of respite care makes it an excellent option for most families.

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Home Respite Care

Another way to provide caregiving for older family members is to bring it to their homes. Home respite care enlists caregivers, nurses, or whatever other personal needs a senior has and brings it to them.
Home respite care is an excellent option for many seniors struggling with major diseases who would rather fight them from the comfort of their homes. It might also be ideal for seniors with infrastructure built in their homes, like bed lifts and bathroom assistance. Regardless, homecare allows you to focus on your day with the peace of mind that professionals will care for your loved one.

Woodside Place Assisted Living Trial Run

While many of these forms of respite care offer temporary care services, it’s also possible to utilize them as a trial run for full-time assisted living. Some seniors worry that moving to an assisted living home will eliminate their independence or autonomy. However, many fail to recognize the benefits of these communities for their mental, physical, and emotional health.

If you plan on utilizing respite services, consider how frequently this care might appeal to you. Your work and family context will dictate your level of need for respite services. However, you might discover that assisted living emerges as a better option for your family than you or another relative functioning as a primary caregiver.

With so many benefits of respite care, use a short-term stay as a trial run for your loved one to experience an assisted living community.

Our Google Reviews


We had the most wonderful experience at Woodside place assisted living! My grandmother was in their care for the last few months of her life. The owner and her staff are incredible! They took care of my grandmother like she was their own. They work extremely hard to make everyone as comfortable as possible and the home is always in spotless condition! Thank you to Toyin and the entire staff who served my grandmother well! Thankful for this place!

Evan Thompson October 9, 2022

I would give 10 stars if I could ! This is an absolutely wonderful place for your loved one to be cared for . Toyin and her team of precious ladies bend over backwards to provide a happy, healthy , safe and impeccably clean home . My mother in law has been loved and cared for here for months . I highly - highly recommend Woodside Place . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gennie Noe October 3, 2022

My mother currently resides at Woodside Place and is very content! Every time I stop by, she is happy! She is quite social so to meet her needs, she is often in the kitchen with the ladies that care for her. It is always clean and tidy there as well. The ladies are kind and friendly. Toyin, the owner, is knowledgeable and complies with all health requirements which is refreshing to see. She also truly cares about the people living at Woodside Place!

Juliane Gresens August 28, 2022

My mother who was dealing with Alzheimer’s stayed here for almost a year. It was such a huge blessing to my mom, to me, and to my family and friends. They took exceptional care of my mother. My mother had previously been in a couple of large institutions. Woodside was a remarkably better experience. I would highly recommend Woodside to anyone. They showed exceptional care and love for my mom as well as a strong professionalism. It’s hard to care for our aging / dying parents, but I’m so grateful that Woodside was there for us. They changed the experience for us, and I’ll forever be thankful.

toney upton June 23, 2022

Woodside Place was a blessing to our family. Toyin and her staff took wonderful care of our mother. The love they showed our mother helped us know we make the right decision for our mom. Thank you for everything to did for our family and Mom. We will always appreciate Woodside Pace. I must also mention that their food is great. My mother was so happy with the home cooking they did for the residents and the home feel.

Heather Jennett June 10, 2022

The people here are extremely caring. They take wonderful care of the residents. Very loving and caring with my mother.

Esther Davis May 14, 2022

Community and Lifestyle at Woodside Place Assisted Living

Beyond unparalleled, professional care, Woodside Place Assisted Living provides seniors with community, stimulating activities, and plenty of love to live out their days happily. Not only do seniors at Woodside Place receive these benefits, but they also enjoy luxury housing, beautiful natural common areas, and gorgeous community spaces.

At Woodside Place, we treat your family like our own, providing the perfect juncture of supervision, independence, and community spirit.

Give Your Family’s Seniors the Care and Community They Deserve at Woodside Place Assisted Living

For more information about respite care in Arlington, TX, from the premier senior living community, call (682) 551-9059 and schedule a tour today. Woodside Place Assisted Living can’t wait to welcome your family into ours!

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