Our Program for Assisted Living in Arlington, TX

Holistic Care

At Woodside Place Assisted Living, we strive to create an engaging and active environment for senior citizens. Our staff focuses on a holistic mode of care that coordinates healthcare and medication needs with mental and emotional health to provide and comfortable environment. We emphasize community and collaboration in our facilities, so everyone feels at home. When it comes to assisted living in Arlington, TX, we should be your first choice.

24 7 care

24/7 Assistance

Each of our staff members has training in emergency care and medication supervision. Our staff can provide 24/7 assistance whenever our residents need it. While most seniors are capable of living independently, there are always staff members on hand for assistance or in case of emergencies. Our staff has the training to provide an extremely high standard of elder care that meets individual residents’ needs.


Our housekeeping and maintenance services keep residents’ rooms and living quarters clean so they do not have to worry about housekeeping tasks in their daily routine. We offer private apartments for our residents so they can live independently while maintaining community connections. Our housekeeping staff focuses on maintaining cleanliness, so residents can focus on themselves and doing things they enjoy.

Safety and Security

Our facilities contain state-of-the-art certified fire alarms, sprinklers, and security systems to maintain a secure environment for residents. Family members can rest assured knowing their loved ones are safe with modern security systems and protection. All staff members pass through extensive background checks to ensure competence and suitability for the job. We hold our employees to a high standard so they can provide top-quality care for assisted living in Arlington, TX.

24 7 care

Food and Snacks

Seniors living in our facilities receive three nutritious meals per day in addition to snacks available at any time. Our menus consist of varied, diverse cuisine and take into account ideas and recipes from different residents. We design balanced meals that take inspiration from different culinary styles. We encourage residents in our facilities to eat in our dining room accommodations for socializing with other residents, contributing to a sense of a larger shared community.

Wellness Assessments

We also provide regular wellness assessments to ensure our residents feel happy and fulfilled with their care and comfort. Licenses and trained nurses administer all wellness exams and assessments. Wellness exams are critical for us to assess our performance and use that feedback to create a more positive and holistic environment.

Nursing Care

We understand the importance of providing top-quality care. Our trained nursing staff has all the relevant qualifications and on-the-job training to provide care for residents when necessary. We also have a registered nurse on call at all times. Families can count on our reliable nursing home experts to provide top-quality care. 

24 7 care

Visiting Physician

In addition to our highly trained medical staff, we also have a visiting physician who provides additional medical care for residents. Our physicians can work with existing primary care physicians to provide individualized care for each resident. On-site physicians can provide routine and emergency medical care.

Medication Management

Senior residents might have several medications that they have difficulty managing. We offer medication management services, including reminders and supervision. Our staff pharmacist handles all medications to ensure proper dosages and assess the risk of medication interaction. We can create individualized treatment plans and monitor the efficacy and safety of dosages to achieve the best results.

24 7 care


We provide full laundry services, including clothing, bedding, towels, etc. Residents have access to laundry facilities whenever they need them and can also have our staff provide laundry and linen services.

Respite Care

In cases when older adults need a temporary stay, we offer short-term respite care. Respite care is an option when seniors are recovering from a recent surgery or illness or when primary caregivers will be out of town. We will ensure that residents receive the highest standard of care, whether they need long-term care or a short-term stay.

Pharmacy Service

Many of our residents require continual medication, so we work with local pharmacy delivery services to provide for seniors. We take care of filling prescriptions, picking up medication, and medication management. We can work with residents’ existing doctors to ensure that our seniors have a regular supply of necessary medications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, assisted living facilities focus on independence and wellness in community settings. Seniors living in our facilities have full independence to engage in whatever activities they wish throughout the day, choose meals to eat, and have private accommodations they can decorate.  

In contrast, nursing homes are for seniors who require frequent or around-the-clock medical monitoring and care. Assisted living centers provide a supportive independent living community with privacy and dignity, so residents can live the way they want. 

According to data from Genworth, the average monthly cost for assisted living in Arlington, TX, is $3,998 per month. Costs might be more or less expensive, depending on the kind of care you or your family member might require. 

Overall, assisted living offers a more affordable alternative to nursing care and home health care. Additionally, assisted living facilities provide a structured living environment with dining options and activities for residents to engage in at their leisure. 

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) oversees all long-term care facilities in Texas. All assisted living facilities have specific regulations that include requirements on room size, floor space, staffing, and training, There are also requirements for background checks, medication management, and abuse reporting. Only facilities that meet these regulatory standards can be licensed assisted living facilities.

We offer a wide range of activities for residents, including group outings, outdoor recreation, and in-house activities. We provide a varied schedule of activities that take into account our residents’ interests and wants. Residents have full autonomy to participate in activities as much or as little as they desire.

Assisted living is the right choice for older adults who do not have any illness but might need periodic assistance throughout the day with activities such as medication, housecleaning, and meals. Assisted living is for seniors who don’t want to rely on home medical care or family and want to maintain independent living.

Our Google Reviews


We had the most wonderful experience at Woodside place assisted living! My grandmother was in their care for the last few months of her life. The owner and her staff are incredible! They took care of my grandmother like she was their own. They work extremely hard to make everyone as comfortable as possible and the home is always in spotless condition! Thank you to Toyin and the entire staff who served my grandmother well! Thankful for this place!

Evan Thompson October 9, 2022

I would give 10 stars if I could ! This is an absolutely wonderful place for your loved one to be cared for . Toyin and her team of precious ladies bend over backwards to provide a happy, healthy , safe and impeccably clean home . My mother in law has been loved and cared for here for months . I highly - highly recommend Woodside Place . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gennie Noe October 3, 2022

My mother currently resides at Woodside Place and is very content! Every time I stop by, she is happy! She is quite social so to meet her needs, she is often in the kitchen with the ladies that care for her. It is always clean and tidy there as well. The ladies are kind and friendly. Toyin, the owner, is knowledgeable and complies with all health requirements which is refreshing to see. She also truly cares about the people living at Woodside Place!

Juliane Gresens August 28, 2022

My mother who was dealing with Alzheimer’s stayed here for almost a year. It was such a huge blessing to my mom, to me, and to my family and friends. They took exceptional care of my mother. My mother had previously been in a couple of large institutions. Woodside was a remarkably better experience. I would highly recommend Woodside to anyone. They showed exceptional care and love for my mom as well as a strong professionalism. It’s hard to care for our aging / dying parents, but I’m so grateful that Woodside was there for us. They changed the experience for us, and I’ll forever be thankful.

toney upton June 23, 2022

Woodside Place was a blessing to our family. Toyin and her staff took wonderful care of our mother. The love they showed our mother helped us know we make the right decision for our mom. Thank you for everything to did for our family and Mom. We will always appreciate Woodside Pace. I must also mention that their food is great. My mother was so happy with the home cooking they did for the residents and the home feel.

Heather Jennett June 10, 2022

The people here are extremely caring. They take wonderful care of the residents. Very loving and caring with my mother.

Esther Davis May 14, 2022

Assisted Living Near Me

Woodside Place Assisted Living dedicates itself to providing a flourishing senior living community for our residents so they can live independently and with dignity. The core value of compassion influences the care we provide. We want our residents to feel like they are part of a family and live in the comfort of a home.

If you want to explore options for assisted living in Arlington, TX, contact us online or call today at (682) 217-1989 to schedule an appointment! Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have about assisted living and if it’s right for you or your loved one.